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A lawless regime and Buhari’s lawless powerful men


The past three weeks have demolished every remnant of pretenses left of the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari as very lawless.
The ignominy lately has added to the long list of disappointing characteristics of the regime.
Whereas the Buhari’s regime has failed in securing Nigerians, providing them the opportunity to the least of livelihood, converted the country to the shameful reputation of the world’s poverty capital, and failed to provide for its health care, reason Buhari himself has spent over 256 days on overseas trips for personal medical attention, it has finally eroded every doubt of its penchant to flout rules.
Given the litany of sentences of very top officials of the regime for contempt, it leaves little to wonder why this regime has failed in every sector.
It is its traditional inability to observe existing rules of sanity in a society.
Or how else would one justify that between November 8 and December 1, three top government functionaries have been found guilty by three different courts for contempt?
Contempt may be seen as not so serious an offense, but with the people involved, it weighs down heavily on the administration’s reputation.
It is emblematic of the derision and scorn for order, rule of law and respect for due process.
On November 8, the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Abdul Rasheed Bawa was found guilty of contempt by an Abuja federal high court.
Just few days ago on November 29, another verdict was delivered against the Inspector General of Police, Alkali Baba for also flouting the judgment of the court that ordered the reinstatement of a sacked police officer.
That was not enough lawlessness by the Buhari team that is above the law as the high court of Niger State in Minna on December 1 found the Chief of Army Staff, General Faruk Yahaya guilty of scorning another court judgment.
These three felonies in just three weeks would no longer be viewed as coincidences, but an entrenched tradition by a regime that has honed that art of impunity, failed expectations and the inability to inspire hope constantly playing out.
They make us wonder how many more the administration would disappoint Nigerians before exhausting its tenure in just two days short of six months.


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