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Peter Obi with new spirit should ignore Chatham House invitation


We read in the news that Chatham House London has invited Labour Party presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi for a discussion on his plans to lead Nigeria.
But we are compelled to ask what business Chatham House has in such invitation?
That institute is not an intergovernmental agency, an organ of the UN, or any such body. It is just a think tank in the UK.
What makes it think it should be the one to set examination for people intending to lead Nigeria?
Chatham House should be reminded that Nigeria is a Republic, and no longer a colonial territory of Britain since 1963.
Aside Nigerian presidential candidates, we never knew of the same Chatham House extending such invitation to candidates of any other country in the world. So, why use Nigeria for this arrogant and meddlesome experiment?
It’s a sickening misplaced objective with colonization undertone and white superiority stance for Chatham House to assume such responsibility on Nigeria so long as people in London, not even Nigerian citizens resident there, don’t vote in our election.
If the development is that Peter Obi will be in London to address Nigerian citizens there, it would sound better and reasonable.
Let nobody live with the wrong notion that Britain or any institution of the country wishes Nigeria well.
They all plot its continued colonization to enable them have their way in milking Nigeria of its resources and rejoicing in seeing the country down and helpless.
Just this week, the UK ambassador (High Commissioner) in Nigeria said her country has no special interest in who becomes Nigeria’s next leader and plans not to influence the election.
That is enough for the government to have advised Chatham House to stop being meddlesome.
Its invitation adds no value to our challenges as it doesn’t make any inputs in the leadership of Nigeria thereafter.
Most of all, why should Chatham House assume that role over Nigerian presidential candidates when it doesn’t even summon British Prime Ministers or intending ones to brief it on plans for its own country?
We should start to question what is Chatham House interest in Nigeria’s elections. Why does it show more interest in our election than it does about British elections?
APC candidate, Bola Tinubu took or arranged that option to escape facing Nigeria in a media group chat alongside all major candidates.
But Obi has been most competent and busy sensitizing Nigerians within and outside Nigeria
In fact, Obi calls the shots. He is not a candidate with weak knees that cannot stand on his own and arranges such external distractions to cover for gapping lapses.
Obi is rightly busy and full of life to go around Nigeria as he does.
Chatham House is mere waste of valuable time to a serious and ebullient candidate like Obi.
It is our advise to Obi to ignore Chatham House because he is busy in Nigeria, and not campaigning with government resources to have a budget for such colonization frivolity.
We can’t remember or imagine when the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs ever invited any aspiring PM of UK to address Nigerians.
Obi should not yield to that annoying superiority thinking by a London-based institute because Britain that sowed the divisions in Nigeria should not be the one dictating to us today.
Obi rejecting that invitation would be good signal to his good spirited zealous followers that they have something new and elevating coming.
If they had deployed that colonization antics to browbeat other aspirants, that should not be with Obi, a different person and of a different thinking who has brought new positive energy to the politics of Nigeria.
Let’s not forget where we have been with President Muhammadu Buhari after he attended Chatham House discussion.
The House didn’t do as much as advising Buhari to be fair to Nigerians in his divisive regime of nepotism and incompetence, a policy Britain loves, to make sure an African country doesn’t rise


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