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Kylian Mbappe sets 56 years football record with treble


It was Kylian Mbappe’s day at the World Cup most dramatic final match.
Three times France scored, coming back from behind to level up with Argentina.
Three times also, it was Kylian from whose boots the goals came.
Two were from spot kicks taken at the penalty spot.
The second came from a deft touch of a shot from the left flank of the pitch.
Those three goals placed Mbappe as the only football player since 1966 to score a hattrick at World Cup final match when Geoff Horst did just that at the final match which England won and at Wembley as England hosted.
Even though he will not be going back to France with the ultimate trophy, he goes with his 56 years history as world top footballer.
France and Argentina played a 120 minutes match that kept over a billion football lovers all over the world on the edge until the two penalty misses by France gave the trophy to Argentina, their third time in history.
With that, the history France chased to retain the trophy as the defending champion eluded it.
But they didn’t go down without a tough fight.


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