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Nigerian masses! You need Obi most, go for him



The storm is gathering and soon, the day will be done for the masses to decide their fate.

The presidential election of next month is a decider for Nigerians, especially the masses, the victims of strangulation in their own land by the political leadership.

The day will reveal whether the people love to liberate themselves or remain in this prison.

Common Nigerians should always keep in mind that the elite that has had this country tucked in their armpits don’t want any change. The status quo favours them and they don’t care what happens to the rest, and Nigeria itself.

When this country remains the way it is, they benefit and sit like emperors to squeeze it further. Their only intent is to wring out water from it for their use and leave with a little life left in it to just remain alive on life support as it is now.

To them, their family members who live on the loot they have stashed are comfortable and won’t suffer any lack.

The same people will never love someone who would turn the table against them to succeed.

The victory of the Labour Party, candidate, Mr. Peter Obi who continually promises a change from the present order irritates them. So, it is left to the masses of the voters to elect a favourable change, to remain in the pit or pull/fight its way out.

Don’t expect those that own oil wells and divert the nation’s resources to support Obi.

Don’t dream that people that share the loot of the petroleum subsidy want Obi to change Nigeria.

Don’t expect powerful director generals, managing directors, and chief executives who loot and pillage Nigeria to align with Obi.

Don’t even expect the children of these exploiters to stand with you, because if they do, their criminal benefits and proceeds of crime would stop flowing. Only you that wear the shoes know how and where they pinch.

Never let anyone cajole you with the question ‘don’t you see the powerful politicians from your state or local government don’t support Obi.’

That is a signal to you that what Obi chases after is good and to your benefit, therefore, glue to him, pursue the dream and make it happen on the day of the decision.

Don’t let anybody bargain you out of that target.

Never let them deceive you this time that it should be someone from your clan, village, ethnic group, religion, etc that should be in power in 2023.

But if they come with that argument of deceit, ask them if poor masses from Daura buy a loaf of bread, a bag of cement, a litre of kerosene, petrol or cooking gas at a cheaper rate. Try and find out from the deceivers if there is no fuel scarcity in Daura, Katsina or among people of President Muhammadu Buhari’s religion and ethnic group.

If these deceits in the past, including 2019, didn’t stop your problems from escalating, they won’t still stop now.

The reason the powerful people you know may not be inclined to support Obi is that they understand that Obi speaks for you, fights for you and genuinely plans to change your situation for good.

But when you ask yourself how you have fared with them looting and sharing, then think of getting out of this slave camp called Nigeria leadership.

It is only you that will wage the war to vote Obi and liberate yourself. They want you to sink deeper into this mess and can’t do it for you.

don’t forget that the most powerful people in Nigerians are the masses. But their powers which nobody is strong enough to resist or stand work potent result in unity. On the other way, the worst cowards are powerful. They only intimidate and bully you but never want to suffer because they will lose their benefits.

On election day, as you insist on voting, insist on defending the vote by just standing your ground to know the result.

Even if they come with guns, they can’t kill all the commoners. In fact, with lawful resistance, they will lose the courage to use their gun.

So, Nigerian common people, fight on and don’t wait for elite support before you insist on voting for Obi. Instead, refuse and reject those that get the support of the plunderers because they plan to continue in the same old way that kept you down as their slaves.


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