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UN gives Egypt $5m to accommodate Sudanese refugees


The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) announced on Monday that it has allocated 5 million U.S. dollars for its humanitarian efforts in Egypt to accommodate the people fleeing conflicts in neighboring Sudan.

   The funding will be used to provide food, water and sanitation, healthcare services, cash assistance as well as psycho-social support to refugees, returnees, asylum-seekers, and third-country nationals from Sudan as well as their host communities in Egypt, the UN body said in a statement.

   Since the conflicts in Sudan erupted on April 15, Egypt has received the largest number of Sudanese refugees, the statement said, adding that over 113,000 people arrived cross the Egyptian-Sudanese borders as of May 17, and the number keeps climbing with around 5,000 arrivals per day.

   The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimated that a total of 350,000 people would enter Egypt from Sudan in the next six months.

   In addition to 5 million dollars for Egypt, CERF also provided a total of 17 million dollars to other neighboring countries of Sudan, including Chad, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan. 



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