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Nudity, a culture of wrong values for money and attention


It has started to be really alarming the lengths ladies especially, go in their quest for what they intend to get.

The social media and the entire world wide web is creeping with photos of horribly clad ladies doing unimaginable things from dancing almost nude in music videos to other stunts to attract followers, comments and likes.

At another level, no day passes without a scandal over how nude photos of ladies leaked to the public through one source or another.

In Nigeria, especially, so many prominent musicians and social figures have been involved in so many nudity scandals and, leaked sex tapes that most followers have lost count.

The sick trend hasn’t drawn any line in age as people quite mature, some of them parents, to know the implications are mostly the culprits.

It’s so commonplace that it doesn’t shock or surprise anymore. Sometimes, we see married couples pose nude for quite unimaginable reasons and deliberately push such photos to the internet, especially the social media.

In February 2022, Nigerian netizens were shocked by the news of a 15 years old girl, absurdly, a minor posted nude shots of herself to her social media account and this instantly powered a rise in the number of people that followed her. In her little and young mind, she sought popularity, for whatever reason from the very wrong perspective.

To underscore how the society has come to be bed fellows with this moral scam and crises, each turn of a leak is rather followed by people calling for support for the nudists even in situations they actually made these tapes and photos public.

Such acts are no longer frowned at. We barely hear of punishment for offenders in this trend in situations such acts were done as retribution, blackmail or for pecuniary considerations.

We can’t recall hearing that any of such errant people who leak other people’s nude and irresponsible photos or videos were tried or punished according to the law that criminalizes such act.

Given the influence the social media and internet have on the entire society especially Nigeria where internet penetration is inching towards 60% and the users made of mainly over 70% the youths, it is the right time now for enforcement measures to be firmed up before a total collapse arrives.

It is also timely for the enforcement agencies to draw the line and punish indecent exposure as the safeguard and filter measures of social media platforms have not been adequate to check the ugly new trend.

Photo: Google Images (NOTICE : This photo is used strictly for illustration and NOT to malign the image of the person that pears on the photo)


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