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How many more deaths before LASTMA is reined in?


November 13, 2023 was another day of blood on Lagos roads as operatives of the state traffic management agency, LASTMA chased another motorist to kill two innocent citizens.
On October 3 along Ago Palace Way, Okota Lagos, it was the same gory tale as LASTMA and police were reported to have chased an errant driver to cause terrible harm on a family that was entirely wiped out.
In the deadly chase, a pregnant woman who had gone to pick her two kids from school was killed together with her kids and the Keke driver conveying them
That wasn’t the whole story. The woman was later reported to have been pregnant with two babies that also died.
The husband and dad of the tragically killed people was said to have relapsed into coma on getting this news and later died.
In about 2010, LASTMA officials chased a truck driver from Ojota down to Oshodi and eventually, the container on the truck fell off on the Oshodi bridge and landed inside the market in session.
Sixteen people were picked up dead.
These instances are just a tip of the the LASTMA disaster.
After this last incident on the Oshodi-Gbagada Expressway involving two highway cleaners, it is the right time to ask the Lagos State government when it will be time to restrain LASTMA officials and retrain them in less bloody enforcement.
Operatives in today’s world use gadget and tech to monitor such incidents. I am sure that Lagos roads have security cameras that spot vehicles driving without the right papers and instantly send them messages to notify them of the contravention.

What is the big deal if LASTMA is empowered to adopt such gadgets and let this blood fair championed by their reckless ways come to an end?


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