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Obi’s group blames Tinubu for ECOWAS disintegration


The Peter Obi Grassroots Movement, a solidarity group of the Presidential candidate for the Labour Party in last year February election, has reacted to the announcement of disintegration of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)
This was after the military leaders of Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger Republic announced on Sunday that they have exited the 49 years old diplomatic bloc of West African countries.
In his reaction, Obi Grassroots Movement posted on its X handle that: “The report of ECOWAS disintegrating is saddening and disheartening at this crucial moment when African regional leaders need to come together to build a better, stronger and united Africa.”
After the position was made public and said to take immediate effect, the Movement noted that:
“The world will remember that it was one man in Abuja, Chief Bola Tinubu who is single-handedly responsible for breaking up of ECOWAS.
Thinking anything good will ever come from TInubu is the worst mistake anyone can make.”
Trouble started brewing for ECOWAS when the body met in reaction to the gale of military coups in the three countries and Guinea.
The development which is like a retardation to democracy is blamed completely on bad governance of democratically elected governments in West Africa.
While the last coup happened in Niger, Nigeria’s neighbour to north, President Tinubu took it a personal task to flog the country into line, a move that was essentially championed by France and USA for their personal economic interests in the country.
This harsh move and approach by Tinubu and other ECOWAS leaders met stiff resistance from the military leaders which ended in the latest development on Sunday.


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