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Petrol pump prices go as high as N700 in Lagos and queues get longer


The return of long queues of vehicles at fuel stations across Lagos has remained unabated since last week Saturday, close to a week now.

This is as the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) admitted that the pump price of petrol or PMS has gone up to an average of N649 from N568 official rate at NNPC outlets since May 29, 2023. At some places, however, the prices hover around N700 per litre.

While this goes on, NNPC Limited has been assuring that there is enough Premium Motor Spirit in stock.

NBS indicated that “On state profile analysis, Ogun State had the highest average retail price for petrol, at N776, Taraba and Adamawa States were next, with N760 and N746, respectively. On the other side, Kano, Lagos, and Borno States had the lowest average retail prices at N601, N613, and N623 respectively.

Lastly, on the Zonal profile, the North East Zone had the highest average retail price of N700, while the North Central Zone had the lowest price of N658.

The NNPCL had in a statement on Tuesday; said Nigerians should not panic as regarding fuel supply in the country, stating that there was no supply issue.

“The recent tightness experienced in certain areas was due to a brief distribution issue in Lagos, which has since been resolved,” the NNPCL stated.

However, from observations and personal experiences of the ACE Magazine, even major NNPC stations are shut. A prominent one at the NNPC Bus Stop Ejigbo, close to the Council office which people in the area describe as their saving grace sold on Tuesday and the first time since last Saturday.

On the day they opened for business, the queue was heavy and the sales, unlike them stopped quite early before 5 pm when they ordinarily always remain open till 8 pm.

At other locations and NNPC stations at Isheri, Ijegun, Oke-Afa, Canie Area, and many more, even into Ajao Estate and Ikeja, fillings stations have been shut for the entire week.


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