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6,000 Nigerians rubbish NAN over news against faulty Innoson bus


The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) incurred the wrath of Nigerian netizens over a news report it published concerning a bus it bought from Nigerian automobile maker, Innoson.

NAN had celebrated the report in which it shockingly added that “it expressed regrets over the patronage of made-in-Nigeria vehicles.”

The news published on Premium Times four days ago attracted a deluge of responses, and surprisingly, almost all were against NAN for making such news and also an expression of regret that an agency of Nigeria bought a Nigerian product.

Most of the respondents said there was no news in that and blamed NAN for making a mountain out of a molehill and referred the agency to instances of recall of faulty vehicles by even the world’s most renowned brands all over the world.

Ahmad Tijjani Magaji

What’s the breaking news here, please? This is normal when it comes to automobile industries worldwide. I remember when Mercedes Benz Company recalls more than 100 make they found faulty after they were released. We deliberately hate our progress in this country.

Aniekeme Finbarr   ·

This is no news. NAN should be ashamed of itself.

Yusuf Ladan Tawfeeq

Returning it is actually not a problem, publicizing it is a very big problem with the nature of the Nigerian State.

I could remember back in 2017 A white man returned a brand new car purchased from Toyota Company and he was given a fixed date to come for a new car.

Jack Obinyan   ·

Just a single (not dozens, hundreds, or thousands) faulty vehicle and you’re making this headline news? NAN is just being embarrassingly unpatriotic.

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri   ·

Even the biggest producers all over the world sometimes recall cars.

Why is this a big deal?

Osinachi Fortune

Follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual to operate our machinery, if you couldn’t, Consult your service provider. That settles it.

It should make headlines in a newspaper.

Other African countries are already making use of it. Nigeria government should encourage local content, that’s how to grow our economy

Lawrence Chukwumaonyeuka. Ezeaguba

It is normal. Toyota and other motor manufacturing companies used to recall any model that had factory defects. The witch hunting no work.

Ade Damola  ·

And this is national news because of what? Even Toyota has caused to recall of millions of vehicles worldwide..let’s get serious, please.

I remembered when they recalled many Japanese cars (all over the world). This is no news!!!

M Salisu Kabiru Gus

Whatever part of Nigeria you are, if you hate IVM you are an enemy of Nigeria…

Innoson Vehicle Motors continue to do a good job, this will never stop us from patronizing your products, just consider this as a challenge and I am sure you will overcome it.

God Bless IVM and Nigeria

Abubakar Ali

Toyota Camry returned some of its 2013 or 2014 because of brake issues…. So it is normal….. Google car Recalls by automobile companies… You will find several cases

Ali Abare

It’s usual to have hitches like this. This is not news at all. Even established brands like Mercedes encounter such technical hitches. How many times do we hear of certain brands being withdrawn from the market? There is nothing breaking here. In fact, those who published this should bury their heads in shame. They have gone to expose their ulterior motives. If we cannot support the growth of indigenous firms like Innoson, then we have no business seeking to destroy them. To say NAN belongs to the Nigerian people!

Usman Okene

This doesn’t worth being a piece of news. Even new Toyota products do have a malfunction. Innoson must be encouraged to carry go.

Usman Yunus

It’s not a new thing, it’s a process. Toyota, Peugeot, Honda, Daihatsu, Nissan, and Ford started from somewhere. It shouldn’t discourage patronage, please. Only we can help market our own product to the world. Besides, why should this make headlines self?

Divad Kapvuk Namielus

They are looking for ways to keep buying foreign cars!

Segun John Oliyide

It’s no new thing,it happens to the ones produced there too.

Look at the expensive Range Rover, it has its own issues too and those using it will tell you about its heating issue.

Adedapo Aderele

This is irresponsible journalism. Totally unworthy of an organization calling itself ‘Premium Times’.

Mathias Efeche Ayiebe Ette

We have a series of problems in Nigeria and these problems are products of the elites supported by media houses such as the Premium Times. Premium Times should be charged for saboteur against Nigeria and her people. This caption is beyond news; it amounts to the defamation of characters.

Abdulrahman Raji

I don’t know why we don’t like progress this company is our national pride this news shouldn’t be in our newspapers at all

Shola Dare

The truth is, there is nothing like One Nigeria we are just deceiving ourselves. there is always a factory error in the best-producing countries in the world.

Some news is just useless

Abubakar Alhaji Abu-Koli

This is normal, it happens even in big companies like Toyota. They are just finding ways to stop patronizing Nigerian products. If not, why put it on Premium times?

This is not a News ‘jare’

Joshua Jacob

Funny enough people start laughing over it, all these advanced cars you see today, have had issues one way or the other before they make the further corrections. Always remember no production company that has never experienced factory error one way or the other, fellow Nigerians please let us support our own for the betterment of the country. God bless Innoson God bless Nigeria.

Daniel Ofor

We can always get better. I remember when China phones used to be a funny thing

Igwe Ude-umanta

This is media irresponsibility. So there is no better issue to report again? This is only aimed at remarketing our Innoson. But I’m happy that Nigerians have refused to buy your corporate blackmail. The comments here show that you failed. On Homemade we stand!

Osita Ossai

So, other products like Toyota, Nissan, Kia, and others don’t have factory faults?

Why report this as news? Or do you want to demarket them? Nigeria will never value their own

Kufre Joseph

Is this a ploy to demaket our only vehicle manufacturing company brand?

There are things that are supposed not to be in the news.

Even the most advanced technologies do mistakes.

We must learn to protect our own.

Douglas Baye-Osagie

Is this a plot to demarket Innoson vehicles? Even Mercedes and Toyota recall some of their cars for technical reasons.

Ogizeh Ovie Whiskey

They returned it and invited the press to carry the news. This is how we bring our own down. Toyota returns faulty cars all the time so, this is no news.

Lawal Abdullahi Giza

My organization bought some vehicles from them, but there are problems with them. But what I do know, we will get better. Innoson will improve.

Ja’afaru Modibbo Yero

Whatever, The IVM is doing a wonderful job so far. May Allah continue to Uplift them. Amin.

Ken Agala

Toyota returns faulty cars everywhere

Ojumonu Tony

Innoson mgt should immediately check and make corrections. If possible call back the buses already out there. Foreign car manufacturers also experience such and do make recalls.

Tasleem Hassan

Not New. Factory faults sometimes happen.

Isah Surajudeen

We derive joy in telling the world that ours is bad. Even Toyota makes mistakes in the course of production.

Rahman Oduwole

Is that national news? Those who are behind this news are enemies of Nigeria. Toyota, Tesla, and other world-renowned car manufacturers have had cause to recall of thousands of cars. Please, let us be proud of our own. China started like this in the 70s. I am proud of made-in-Nigeria.

Undiandeye Adie

This is really worthy of making news. I mean, for the first time in the history of IVM. And it’s just 1 unit, as against Toyota that recalled thousands of cars for being faulty. Kudos to Innoson and Nigeria as a whole.

Opuah Abeikwen

This is just to run down our own…… because it’s owned by someone from a particular region. What’s new about having newly manufactured cars faulty? Even Toyota and others normally recall cars cos they’re faulty. Stop d nonsense, this is not News.

Gamji Kassam Nino

Useless and pointless post from Premium Times…It’s a factory error, just finding the means to downcast this man…God pass una…

God bless Innoson motors!

·  So Long Williams

Cars are recalled every day by Honda, Toyota, Ford, Telsa, and other major car producers. So what’s special about this?

Nonsense, that’s why l hate Premium Times, a very useless and petty news outfit.

As of the time of filing this report, there had been more than 13,000 reactions to the report, about 6,000 comments, and 232 shares.

North is untapped wealth we will deploy to grow the nation, says Obi in Gombe


The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi on Wednesday touched down with his campaign team in the North East state of Gombe otherwise known as the Jewel of the Savannah with a promise to secure and make the North the jewel of the country.

Obi told a rally of mammoth crowd as well as town hall meetings of Women and youths in the state that he and his running mate Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmad have identified the vast arable land in the North as an untapped Jewel that make Nigeria a production country away from the current status of consumption.

The LP Presidential flag bearer told the people that a rebirth of the country is not achievable without turning the vast land in the country into our own gold and oil.
He said that, “the vast arable land of the North is a new vista that must be opened up to serve Nigeria and Africa.

He stated that the agricultural potential in the North is infinite and it’s through it that we can pull people out of poverty, export goods and earn revenue and increase our foreign exchange earnings.

Obi said that he and his Vice, Datti have the vigor, the vitality to do whatever we are promising, noting that they have clear records of achievements in public and private places.
He told the people they will invest heavily in education and Health because the two are needed to develop and tap the potentials of human capital for growth and development.

Obi told the cheering women that their children must go back to school as he and Datti will do everything to secure the country and the people will live well again.
“Nigerians want security, we cannot do anything unless we have a secure Nigeria. Nigerian children must not be out of school”
The Vice Presidential candidate Datti Baba Ahmad and the National Chairman of Labour Party, Bar Julius Abure as well as other party faithfuls underscored the speech of the candidate that LP party team will create a new Nigeria.


Katsina attacks Peter Obi after campaign rallies


The Obi/Datti Presidential Campaign Council hereby condems the attack on our Presidential Pandidate Mister Peter Obi in Katsina, Katsina State on Tuesday.
This was made known in a statement by the head of media of the campaign team, Mr. Diran Onifade.

Our candidate had met with women in a townhall and then held a hugely successful Rally at the Muhammad Dikko Stadium. However on his way to the airport, hoodlums attacked the car our candidate was riding in with heavy stones from his drivers side causing substatial damage to the vehicle.
To the glory of God, Mr Obi and other occupants of the car were unhurt.

Subsequently another set of thugs also threw stones outside the stadium which damaged several vehicles including that of our official stage crew.
The two incidents taken together make us suspect that the attacks may have been premeditated at the behest of desperate polititicians who had been deluding themselves with the false claim that they had the northwest locked up but are now shocked by the show of force of the Obidient movement in the region.
While thanking the good people of Katsina who came out enmasse to support our campaign yesterday, we call on security agencies to investigate this matter to forestall future occurrences.

Obi campaigns in Kano, promises to return city to industrial, commerce hub


The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi and his campaign train arrived the North’s commercial nerve center Kano on Sunday assuring the people that Kano will regain its old enviable status in trade and industry.

Obi told the jubilant organic crowd in the ancient city that he drove round Kano before coming to address them and he found all the industries in the City shutdown, promising that if elected by February, he and Datti will restore them.

He said that the trading status of Kano will return and will remain the center of cash.
‘ Before, if you want cash you come to Kano but what you see today is poverty everywhere. Datti and I we will restore the old glory of Kano.

“We will secure and unite Nigeria where people will be proud to say I am a Nigerian. We will kill the sentiments of tribe and religion which they have been using to deceive us.’

The former Anambra state Governor told the people amidst shouts of ‘Sai Obi’ that under the Presidency of he and Datti, there will be one Nigeria where the people will be free to move and do their business unmolested.

Obi said that they will be able to do what they are preaching because they have done it in public and private sectors and succeeded, referring to his record in Anambra state where he was governor for eight years and no kobo was missing.

“Datti and I will not allow wastages. We will do exactly what we are saying” Obi stressed.

He told the people that this election is going to be about character you can trust not people who will come to talk about religion and tribe which they have been using to deceive us.

“If they come with their sentiments of religion and tribe tell them to give you job or show you where anybody is buying things cheaper because of where he comes from or because of his religion.

“We will pull people out of poverty by taking Nigeria from consumption to production and stop the sharing that has kept the country down.

Obi said that his administration will fight corruption because,“I and Datti are different, we will not be transactional but will use your money well for production.”

“ Don’t listen to anybody coming from it’s his turn, it’s nobody’s turn, but your turn to take back your country from those destroying it.

“When they come look out for character you trust, the person with antecedents, the person you can identify his past, the schools he went and how they performed where they were before.

The LP flag bearer told the cheering crowd that the reason the national currency, the naira is not strong is because of corruption. They steal public money to buy dollars, promising that he and Datti will stop all that if elected.

Obi’s penetrating messages were also underscored by his running mate Senator Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmad, the National Chairman of Labour Party Barister Julius Abure and the Woman advocate, Aisha Yesufu who identified herself as active citizen. Before the rally, Obi addressed a cross section of women and youths in a town hall meeting.

Nigerian masses! You need Obi most, go for him



The storm is gathering and soon, the day will be done for the masses to decide their fate.

The presidential election of next month is a decider for Nigerians, especially the masses, the victims of strangulation in their own land by the political leadership.

The day will reveal whether the people love to liberate themselves or remain in this prison.

Common Nigerians should always keep in mind that the elite that has had this country tucked in their armpits don’t want any change. The status quo favours them and they don’t care what happens to the rest, and Nigeria itself.

When this country remains the way it is, they benefit and sit like emperors to squeeze it further. Their only intent is to wring out water from it for their use and leave with a little life left in it to just remain alive on life support as it is now.

To them, their family members who live on the loot they have stashed are comfortable and won’t suffer any lack.

The same people will never love someone who would turn the table against them to succeed.

The victory of the Labour Party, candidate, Mr. Peter Obi who continually promises a change from the present order irritates them. So, it is left to the masses of the voters to elect a favourable change, to remain in the pit or pull/fight its way out.

Don’t expect those that own oil wells and divert the nation’s resources to support Obi.

Don’t dream that people that share the loot of the petroleum subsidy want Obi to change Nigeria.

Don’t expect powerful director generals, managing directors, and chief executives who loot and pillage Nigeria to align with Obi.

Don’t even expect the children of these exploiters to stand with you, because if they do, their criminal benefits and proceeds of crime would stop flowing. Only you that wear the shoes know how and where they pinch.

Never let anyone cajole you with the question ‘don’t you see the powerful politicians from your state or local government don’t support Obi.’

That is a signal to you that what Obi chases after is good and to your benefit, therefore, glue to him, pursue the dream and make it happen on the day of the decision.

Don’t let anybody bargain you out of that target.

Never let them deceive you this time that it should be someone from your clan, village, ethnic group, religion, etc that should be in power in 2023.

But if they come with that argument of deceit, ask them if poor masses from Daura buy a loaf of bread, a bag of cement, a litre of kerosene, petrol or cooking gas at a cheaper rate. Try and find out from the deceivers if there is no fuel scarcity in Daura, Katsina or among people of President Muhammadu Buhari’s religion and ethnic group.

If these deceits in the past, including 2019, didn’t stop your problems from escalating, they won’t still stop now.

The reason the powerful people you know may not be inclined to support Obi is that they understand that Obi speaks for you, fights for you and genuinely plans to change your situation for good.

But when you ask yourself how you have fared with them looting and sharing, then think of getting out of this slave camp called Nigeria leadership.

It is only you that will wage the war to vote Obi and liberate yourself. They want you to sink deeper into this mess and can’t do it for you.

don’t forget that the most powerful people in Nigerians are the masses. But their powers which nobody is strong enough to resist or stand work potent result in unity. On the other way, the worst cowards are powerful. They only intimidate and bully you but never want to suffer because they will lose their benefits.

On election day, as you insist on voting, insist on defending the vote by just standing your ground to know the result.

Even if they come with guns, they can’t kill all the commoners. In fact, with lawful resistance, they will lose the courage to use their gun.

So, Nigerian common people, fight on and don’t wait for elite support before you insist on voting for Obi. Instead, refuse and reject those that get the support of the plunderers because they plan to continue in the same old way that kept you down as their slaves.